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SEnewss is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; SEnewss now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.


21:03Ultimate Balance
Ultimate Balancevisningar 1,9mn10 dagar sedan
31:11Spooky House: The Worst Halloween Movie Ever
33:16I Made A Viral TikTok Song
I Made A Viral TikTok Songvisningar 2,7mnMånad sedan
2:44Spooky Man
Spooky Manvisningar 1,5mnMånad sedan
18:00How 2 Be Rich
How 2 Be Richvisningar 2,3mn2 månader sedan
14:24Straight Up Bothering People
Straight Up Bothering Peoplevisningar 2,3mn2 månader sedan
I'M LEMONADE MOUTHvisningar 3,6mn3 månader sedan
1:45My Dad Is Rich
My Dad Is Richvisningar 2,3mn3 månader sedan
13:26Maybe The Worst Prank
Maybe The Worst Prankvisningar 2,6mn3 månader sedan
27:23These Guys Again ("Up" But Everything Is Even Worse)
18:56POV I'm Your Vampire Dad
POV I'm Your Vampire Dadvisningar 3,7mn4 månader sedan
23:18"Up" But Everything About It Is Bad
"Up" But Everything About It Is Badvisningar 4,1mn4 månader sedan
17:02Joker TikToks Stop Please
Joker TikToks Stop Pleasevisningar 4,1mn4 månader sedan
18:07Influencer Paparazzi Makes Me Super Uncomfortable
20:19Wish Dot Com
Wish Dot Comvisningar 4,6mn6 månader sedan
I'M RADIO REBELvisningar 7mn6 månader sedan
16:16How 2 Be Healthy
How 2 Be Healthyvisningar 3,5mn6 månader sedan
17:01Candy Ken (WARNING: Flashing Colors 1:12-1:25)
Candy Ken (WARNING: Flashing Colors 1:12-1:25)visningar 4,3mn7 månader sedan
13:26Hit It If You Know You Lit
Hit It If You Know You Litvisningar 2,9mn7 månader sedan
22:30Trying Awful Viral Photo Ideas
Trying Awful Viral Photo Ideasvisningar 4,8mn7 månader sedan
28:09Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For
16:06UPDATE CORNER: Paul Speaks Out
UPDATE CORNER: Paul Speaks Outvisningar 3,2mn8 månader sedan
20:48The Worst Dating Show On The Radio
The Worst Dating Show On The Radiovisningar 3,4mn9 månader sedan
16:54The Best And Worst Celebrities On TikTok
The Best And Worst Celebrities On TikTokvisningar 3,3mn9 månader sedan
15:47Memes That My Older Relatives Post On Facebook
Memes That My Older Relatives Post On Facebookvisningar 3,7mn10 månader sedan
Yummyvisningar 4mn10 månader sedan
16:23Justin Bieber Why
Justin Bieber Whyvisningar 6mn10 månader sedan
15:15Lily's Garden Ads: STOP (Badads 5)
Lily's Garden Ads: STOP (Badads 5)visningar 3,7mn10 månader sedan
19:50The Mysterious Return Of Paul Zimmer
The Mysterious Return Of Paul Zimmervisningar 4,5mn11 månader sedan
16:05Getting Deep With The “Saddest” Videos On Tik Tok
19:55This Animated Titanic Movie Is Horrendous
This Animated Titanic Movie Is Horrendousvisningar 5mn11 månader sedan
19:09The Weird Side Of Amazon 2
The Weird Side Of Amazon 2visningar 3,6mnÅr sedan
14:59The Weird Side Of Amazon
The Weird Side Of Amazonvisningar 4,3mnÅr sedan
20:54The Children's Movie From Your Nightmares
2:19Spooky Ho (Official Music Video)
Spooky Ho (Official Music Video)visningar 2,1mnÅr sedan
23:00The Jeremy Renner App (w/ Drew Gooden)
2:17Help Let Me Go
Help Let Me Govisningar 7mnÅr sedan
16:43The TikTok Mom Is A Superhero Now
The TikTok Mom Is A Superhero Nowvisningar 4,4mnÅr sedan
14:13Awful Game Ads On Instagram 3
Awful Game Ads On Instagram 3visningar 3,1mnÅr sedan
16:09Instagram's Strangest "Magician"
Instagram's Strangest "Magician"visningar 4,5mnÅr sedan
9:26We Are Not The Same Person
We Are Not The Same Personvisningar 2,3mnÅr sedan
23:51This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster
2:32BAD BOY - Official Music Video
BAD BOY - Official Music Videovisningar 3,5mnÅr sedan
20:08Bad Boys On TikTok
Bad Boys On TikTokvisningar 7mnÅr sedan
13:46Insane Motivational Memes For Guys
Insane Motivational Memes For Guysvisningar 3,5mnÅr sedan
23:48Trying Troom Troom's Awful Crafts 3
20:32This Bee Movie Knockoff Is Terrifying
17:22Awful Game Ads On Instagram 2
Awful Game Ads On Instagram 2visningar 6mnÅr sedan
15:53TikTok’s Weirdest Mom
TikTok’s Weirdest Momvisningar 6mnÅr sedan
13:50The Weirdest Commercials On TV
The Weirdest Commercials On TVvisningar 4,3mnÅr sedan
14:11I Have Been Having Some ISSUES
I Have Been Having Some ISSUESvisningar 1,9mnÅr sedan
28:22This Is The Strangest Low Budget Movie
19:22Billionaire's Son Trying To Be Relatable
3:04SLIME (Music Video)
SLIME (Music Video)visningar 6mnÅr sedan
17:48Trying Troom Troom’s Awful Crafts 2
22:42The Worst Christmas Movie Ever Made
10:48These Memes Are Awful (Student Memes)
These Memes Are Awful (Student Memes)visningar 4,5mn2 år sedan
16:05This Dude Really Wants You To Punch Him
This Dude Really Wants You To Punch Himvisningar 4,9mn2 år sedan
16:13I Am Hot = Comedy?
I Am Hot = Comedy?visningar 7mn2 år sedan
15:39Awful Game Ads on Instagram
Awful Game Ads on Instagramvisningar 5mn2 år sedan
15:32Papa Has Been Replaced
Papa Has Been Replacedvisningar 7mn2 år sedan
17:36The Disturbing Side Of WikiHow
The Disturbing Side Of WikiHowvisningar 6mn2 år sedan
2:17Spooky Guy (Official Music Video)
Spooky Guy (Official Music Video)visningar 2,5mn2 år sedan
16:45Bad Instagram: Life Ruining Challenges
15:36Bad Instagram: Fake Fact Accounts
Bad Instagram: Fake Fact Accountsvisningar 6mn2 år sedan
12:41Unintentionally Terrifying Children's Videos
12:55A Different Kind Of Cringe (Supreme Patty)
10:49Mason Ramsey: Not Your Average Child Star
15:50Trying Troom Troom's Awful Pranks
Trying Troom Troom's Awful Pranksvisningar 12mn2 år sedan
11:38Making Bad Music: STOP THAT
Making Bad Music: STOP THATvisningar 4,7mn2 år sedan
15:16I Googled Myself And Hated What I Found
I Googled Myself And Hated What I Foundvisningar 4,4mn2 år sedan
17:47Lil Tay Has Disappeared
Lil Tay Has Disappearedvisningar 4,2mn2 år sedan
13:48Desperately Trying To Make Friends On Tinder
11:26Bad Instagram: Conspiracy Theories
Bad Instagram: Conspiracy Theoriesvisningar 7mn2 år sedan
12:28Bad Instagram: Fun Facts!
Bad Instagram: Fun Facts!visningar 5mn2 år sedan
18:40Trying Ridiculous Tv Products
Trying Ridiculous Tv Productsvisningar 5mn2 år sedan


  • Her voice sounds like a rubber chicken given sentience

  • Im truly geg

  • i personnaly dont understand the whole revenge on your ex thing. i mean it hurts but they have full rights to leave you

  • It scares me that parents just give their kids iPads and don’t ever check what the kid is watching.

  • Chade will never be a dad

  • see you again in December 13, 2021.

  • I wish we could tag tana to this video

  • These are the best ads

  • why number 8-

  • if yall like danganronpa reply for no fucking reason

  • who tf has 9 friends

  • Bet his dad went and buy milk.

  • Imagine making $60.000 in one day... Must be really heartbreaking.

  • No you have to threaten to destroy the coat they will give all the presents because they can’t just make another coat so threaten to destroy the coat and bottom bing bottom boom

  • Oh shoot I’m from the 1740’s

  • The really sad thing is, is that Collins SEnewss channel actually used to be good, then it all went wrong... 😐

  • All ads of instagram is best on MX player app

  • The friends probably high


  • Guess he was already set on just burying the dude

  • danny i got your black greg hoodie a few months back im wearing it rn its so comforble

  • How is Danny so bad at disguising himself but he looks like literally every other white man with brown hair and a big nose

  • mom: why don't you play with the neighbors kid the neighbors kid: 11:29

  • 2:18 Idk about anyone else, but I liked that vine, partially for the song, but mostly because the close up of your face at the end was so unexpected and funny lol.


  • Will it help me jurk off faster

  • respect for ybn cordae❌

  • Its indiAn

  • OML I got a BANGTANTV AD! anyone else?

    • senewss.info/slow/fJvXkK2bjNS2jbY/video This was the ad ^ |


  • What if we thought they were talking about Asia, but "Eastern Philosophies" actually refers to New Jersey

  • Hey forget juice is what my dad called beer so idk what you mean danny

  • you know, he is just calmly making a song about murder. this is fine.

  • Troom Troom and Five Minute Crafts: *Oh, so you're approaching me?*

  • I’m Greg :)

  • it's 5 a.m. my brain is desperately trying to convince itself that stanley is played by brendan fraser. i know he's not. my brain confused.

  • Yup it's baaaad

  • Dang it! I’m only four minutes in and I already used up my singular laughter! Time to click off the video..

  • Once I did first troom troom thing and the teacher said class we have crazy person in our class he said as he pointed to me because he has his headphones in his sharpener

  • every year i come back and comment about how i was this video’s shoutout. year three baby!

  • This story gets it all wrong, drew and danny are obviously both tops

  • Swear to god Danny, the only thing that reminds me you’re not a literal fourteen-year-old is the fact that you have an actual wife

  • The basement is like aperture labs from portal like old parts miles underground and newer and newer shit higher you go.

  • Help! There's a living creature in my basement, it's been calling me down and once grabbed my foot! Police: No there isn't. What? How would you know? Police: It's me down there come down! *Goes down to find the demon and not a police officer* *shocked pikachu face*

  • Things I learned today: 1- If I eat too many almonds I'll turn into a fetus 2- Dates are more powerful than the infinity stones 3- One Laughter has an almond kink

  • Mental hospitals are just filled with depressed teens that smoke.

  • my family comes over on thanks giving and imma just jam out to this while there over at full blast

  • r a i s i n w a t e r-

  • Maybe she thought she was pressing record when she was actually stopping recording, and just didn’t notice while editing

  • I've lost count of the number of times I've watched this video

  • 8:30 As a girl I can confirm, This doesn’t happen.

  • Oh no no bro Jarvis bro come on bro

  • Danny why you have a picture of you drinking water

  • Dolphin man lowkey seems like a stand

  • Lil tay flexing cars and house Me flexing my lightbulb

  • Fake. The universe never started how did you not know that please fact check before lying

  • I just started watching you you sooo funny

  • 20:17 20:27 I had a great right cross

  • well, i guess i have no choice but to buy 30 power balance bracelets off amazon. I will be ultimately invincible. Im coming for you danny. i will your beat 29 Mississippi and become the ultimate power balance invincible flexible god.


  • Batman made 978 accounts to dislike this video.

  • Omg, I remember these lmao... I remember thinking.. "what the f does this thing even do it doesn't even touch my wrist all the way cause it's too big" and then I was like, "It's definitely a scam. I blame this on North Korea."

  • Bro his dancing skills are not terrible LMAO

  • kurtis at the beginning tho-

  • Drew Gooden is patient zero for COVID, he spread it to the whole world via his SEnewss channel.

  • LOL!

  • Fun fact: most plastic bags that are turned in to be recycled don’t actually get recycled they jus let get incinerated which still polluted the environment and releases deadly toxins. If you’re going grocery shopping please just use reusable bags. They’d easier to carry too ngl

  • 6:54 shoutout to “the wolf among us” hehe

  • *Its disturbing, I've cringed at this for 5 hours now.*

  • yes. i speak canada

  • 🤗


  • Hehe he isn't even correct about how voodoo works, but I can always appreciate enthusiasm lmao

  • Him singing WAP is funny as fuck

  • Oh yeah I forgot this video birthed the phrase I'm straight guy white guy straight guy

  • 9:50 Dan looks like that popular picture of SCP 173 facing a wall

  • It's that time of year again

  • I fractured my ankle and I had crutches yet my year 6 pe teacher still made me participate

  • Danny, how’s your recommended looking?

  • Thats dum couse the joker does NOT make that face If you have seen IT penny wise makes this face